It might be time for some rules around here after a second person was caught selling my layouts.

  • DO NOT: Claim these layouts were made by you or anyone else.

  • DO: Use these layouts as a guide to make your own. If you’re starting out, I find studying other people’s work a good way to know what does what and how it works. You can even keep my coding and change the image to what you want. Just don’t claim you made the whole layout and of course: Don’t sell.

  • DO NOT: Sell these layouts in any way, shape or form. I don’t care if you’ve changed the image or changed the coding. As long as you’re using my images (in any way, shape or form) or copying the coding (in any way, shape or form), you’re using something I made and spent time on. Just don’t. And even if you do and you don’t care what I think: People at IMVU do, two people have been caught trying to sell my layouts but before any of them could make a sale, someone jumped in and showed the link to this site. So not only is it bad to do, you’ll get caught and reported to IMVU mods.

  • DO: Edit the layout if you wish. Found a DIV and wanna turn it into an iFrame? If you have the skills, feel free to stick some buttons over it and change the coding. Just don’t claim you made the whole layout and/or sell it on.

  • DO NOT: Pretend to be me. This hasn’t happened yet, but I used to run a website for another social network site where I helped people get around the filter that prevented images being shown on their pages (harmless images, like pictures of cats and pink hearts, that sort of stuff). It got pretty huge (I once got 48k of hits in one day) and before I knew it, not only were people selling the images that I was giving away for free, they also started to pose as me. So, a pre-emptive note, don’t pretend to be me and don’t believe anyone who says they are me. If I release any IMVU usernames of who I am, I’ll do it here on this site - not IMVU.

  • DO: Feel free to make your own IMVU layout site if you wish! The more choice people have out there, the better!

  • DO NOT: Worry about giving me credit for these layouts. You can if you wish to link back here, but don’t worry if you decide to omit it. I didn’t want to ruin layouts with my name and URL slapped all over it, so I just left them off. But it shows people can be cruel by trying to sell these layouts as their own.

  • DO: Accept that people will sell their own layouts and there is nothing wrong with it. The layouts here are for everyone and as a result, the personalisation of a layout is very limited. Shops are there so if you want a personal layout or one where they’ll set up the whole layout, put your info in so you don’t have to and even make the account and pages for you, then shops are the way to go.

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