I want to first apologise for the outage over the past couple of days. The outage was completely unexpected and resulted in breaking the entire website, as well as all the layout images. Even when I managed to restore the website from the backups, the layout image links remained broken, and the coding was also somehow affected, adding in random bits of code which shouldn’t be there, and would cause the layouts to not work.

As a result, I had to quickly rebuild the entire website. Thankfully, I have a backup where the coding of the layouts was preserved, and all the images were backed up on my computer, so I didn’t have to start from scratch.

It still took a huge effort though as I have had to not only rewrite every post by hand one-by-one, but also create a whole new website. I think it’ll be better though as it’s much smaller, so will load much faster. I also went through the coding when I remade the posts, and I’ve cleaned up some issues I spotted and rewrote some of the instructions to be clearer.

Although I haven’t added any layouts since 2010, I know people still use this website, so I’ll keep it up and running as long as I can - hopefully with no more issues!

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