• What is the difference between iFrame and DIV layouts?
    • An iFrame layout is like a mini website, it has pages that you can go between. For example, there might be a button you click on to see information about a person or their friends. As it is a mini website, you need somewhere for the pages to go on the internet, that is why you must set up hosting from places like freewebs.com and that is where you also go to edit the text on the pages.

      A DIV layout doesn’t have any pages, not even one. It is simply a ’text box’ that you type into directly from your IMVU page, it require no hosting or going off IMVU.

      I think my explanations above just show alone which one is easier, I recommend that while an iFrame layout is fancier, if you do not understand HTML and aren’t confident with it, stick to a DIV and learn some skills before going up to an iFrame.

  • It’s too hard! I don’t understand the iFrame or DIV layouts! Can you just do it for me?
    • No, people have lives I cannot do personal installs and setting freewebs.com accounts all day.

  • Can you make a layout that looks like that, says this or has a picture of so-and-so?
    • Sorry, no.

  • May I request a personalised layout from you? I will pay!
    • No, thank you.

  • When will there be more layouts?
    • I doubt I will ever make more layouts. I’m just preserving this website for those who are still using the layouts, or may wish to use them in the future.

  • I need to contact you about something, how would I do that?
    • No one has needed to contact me for year about this website, so I’m becoming uncontactable now!

  • Where should I go to get more help with my homepage?

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