1: Before you do ANYTHING, you MUST move ALL panels over to the left. Any panels still on the right after you put the code in will vanish!
2: Remove all code that is currently in any panels. Save your current codes into a notepad file (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad) for back-up, so you can add your codes back into the page after the layout is in.
3: Put the code in the ‘URL Panel’.
4: Set ‘Panel Border’ as ‘none’ and make the ‘Body Background’ ‘transparent’.
5: To make pages for your layout, set up an account at Freewebs.com or any other free website hosting service, make pages and link them up to the code.

For Example:

Should Look Something Like This:

You can find your user id by pressing on your username to get to your avatar page and then looking at the numbers on the address bar:

You also need to change this bit of code:

To your ‘home’ page you made:

Now, most of these layouts don’t have a solid colour background so, to see them fully and not have a solid background overlap them, you MUST add this code in all your pages:

All this code will do is simply make your pages have a transparent background so that you can see the layout behind them.

If you’re unsure what I mean by this or don’t know how to start your own pages, right-click and save the following .html file to your PC and open it up in Notepad, you can use this file as a starter for your pages, or you can left-click it first to see what it says:
For layout with light background/dark text: -right-click-save-here-
For layout with dark background/light text: -right-click-save-here-

Also note that a few of the layouts were made with black backgrounds, meaning you will need to write your text up in a light font colour such as white.