Experimental Multiple Shiny Silver Boxes IMVU iFrame Layout (No Background)

NOTE 1: This is a bit of a complicated layout and would be best used for people who understand HTML. This is because there are multiple things going on, one iFrame and 4 DIVs (panels/boxes – five if you include the iFrame, but we’re not :P), I shall go through them one by one:

1: MAIN_BOX: This is where the iFrame goes.
2: TOP_RIGHT_BOX: Updates/welcome message/contact info
3: SCROLL_BOX: Scrolling message/ticker
4: AVATAR_IMAGE: Avatar image
5: NAME: Type your name in there with some special effects

If you want to see how I filled in a similar layout to this to give you an idea what this layout might look like if done 100%, here’s an old dummy I made.

NOTE 2: Regarding AVATAR_IMAGE, you just gotta copy and paste the URL of your avatar image/display picture over this URL: http://jkb123.net/RRLayouts/avatar.jpg, but it MUST be 160×220 – the size determined by IMVU.

NOTE 3: The reason I’ve labelled this layout as ‘Experimental’ is because it has an effect in it where you can type your name in, but unlike normal text, this will have a white glow around it – making it look like an effect you find in Photoshop/GIMP/PSP. So hopefully it will work (I’ve been told it works in most browsers), if not, tell me what browser you’re on in the comments section :)

NOTE 4: This layout also has something else different about it – it has ‘Add Me’ and ‘Chat Me’ buttons! That means if your visitors want to add you as a contact/friend or chat with you in IMVU, all they gotta do is hit one of those buttons and they’ve either done as they wished! All you’ll have to do to make the buttons work correctly is add your username or IMVU USER ID in where the code asks and that means the guest_ part too if you are one :)

NOTE 5: The screen shot above shows this layout with a white background, but this layout has NO background to it. I made this layout with no background so you can freely add your own in. To do that, find the bit of code that says “background-image:url(http://ENTER BACKGROUND URL HERE);” it should be very near the top. Then paste the URL of your background over “http://ENTER BACKGROUND URL HERE” – and you’re done!

NOTE 6: This is a fast loading layout (The main layout image is 56.68 kB, compare that to this layout where the background is 200.69kb and the main layout image is 120.48kb). Perfect for people with slow internet connections.

Remember to FIRST read this page BEFORE you try and install an iFrame layout!