Noteboard IMVU DIV Layout (No Background)

NOTE 1: Just a little warning, this layout is pretty large in file size (882.14 kB!), so it will load slower than the other layouts on this site. If you’re okay with that then yay! :D But if you have a slow internet connection, this layout isn’t such a good idea :(

NOTE 2: This is a bit of a complicated layout and would be best used for people who understand HTML. This is because there is a photo frame in this layout. This photo frame is there so you can put your own image in (as long as it’s 190×185 that is!). To replace the dummy image I have in there at the moment, go to the part of the code where it says “REPLACE_IMAGE” and you should see a URL in there somewhere, just replace it with your URL and you’re done!

If you like the layout but cannot be bothered with whatever is going on in that frame, just delete all this from the code:

Then you’ll be left with an empty photo frame which can be filled with stickers if you want ^_^

NOTE 3: This layout has NO background to it, this was done so you can freely add your own in. To do that, find the bit of code that says “background-image:url(http://ENTER BACKGROUND URL HERE);” it should be very near the top. Then paste the URL of your background over “http://ENTER BACKGROUND URL HERE” – and you’re done!

Remember to FIRST read this page BEFORE you try and install a DIV layout!