Rainbow'd Vintage Frames IMVU iFrame Layout

NOTE 1: I’m worried if I put this note second, people will forget to read it, so here it is first: In the preview above you can see a bit of the floor, but in screen sizes 1024×768 and less won’t see that and just see the wall. If have a bigger screen size though, you should see the floor. Most of my layouts are aimed at 1024×768 sizes but the floor took up too much of the screen so I had to change it, I couldn’t have picture frames floating on the floor :P

NOTE 2: This is a bit of a complicated layout and would be best used for people who understand HTML. This is because there are three frames (as in picture frames – there is only one HTML frame in here :P) in this layout, the navigation, the main area where the text goes and a third empty frame. The third frame is there so you can put your own image in the frame (as long as it’s 179×221 that is!). To replace the dummy image I have in there at the moment, go to the part of the code where it says “PICTURE FRAME” and you should see a URL in there somewhere, just replace it with your URL and you’re done!

If you like the layout but cannot be bothered with whatever is going on in that third frame, just delete all this from the code:

Then you’ll be left with an empty third frame which can be filled with stickers if you want ^_^

NOTE 3: Last, but not least, credits for the background go to *MadameM-stock and credits for the frames goes to scarlet-rain, both at deviantART :)

Remember to FIRST read this page BEFORE you try and install an iFrame layout!